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Monday…. the day that everyone dreads…. I could totally have slept for another 3 hours this morning, but I didn’t simply because I’m actually really excited to share my thoughts on the invisbobble!!! On Friday, I met my mum for dinner and a catch-up. As always, we spoke about men, beauty and fashion, though this time she mentioned a new traceless hair ring. I was intrigued as I’d never heard of the name before.

After some cheesecake and mint tea, we headed across the road to the local drugstore to check it out. It was surprisingly easy to find for something so small. Costing just £3.75 for 3 rings, I decided to give them a go for myself. When I got home I gathered my ponytail and ripped open the packaging.


Slipping the bobble into my hair was easy, which I was pleased about because my boyfriend had predicted that it would tangle. It didn’t. In fact, it slided straight in without any problems. Once it was secured, I could immediately feel how well it held the ponytail.

However, any hairband can hold a ponytail (or should be able to) so what’s so special about this? The whole point of it being traceless basically means that it will not create horrible kinks in your hair when you pull it down. Personally, this trait is really appealing because I’m always pulling my hair back when I’m working and then pulling it down to go out.

To test its abilities I secured it in my hair and left it all day. After 8 hours, I pulled my hair down to see the damage and there was none! I didn’t even have the tiniest little bump in my otherwise straight hair! In addition to this, it even claims that it will help you avoid headaches and split ends but that I don’t feel I can yet comment on or prove.

Another claim listed on the packaging is that it is suitable for all hair types, but with that I think I have to disagree. Before writing this, I researched to see what other people where saying and although most reviews were good, some of those with thick hair were complaining that they couldn’t wrap it around enough times to hold their hair. Funnily enough, this didn’t surprise me because I have tiny wrists and even I found it a bit too tight to carry around with me on my wrist for any longer than an hour.

Overall, I think this product is nice to have but not a necessity. It’s great for day-to-night situations where you want your hair up during the day but down at night.

Have you used the invisibobble? How did it treat your hair? Let me know using the comments section below 🙂

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