Beauty Rules I Live By


Looking after yourself is the key to many things, including a good complexion, strong nails and shiny hair. To keep myself in check, I live by a certain set of rules that I’ve picked up over the years either through suggestions, things I’ve read or things I’ve tried. Today I’m going to share these rules with you, so put you’re reading glasses on and grab a pen!

Drink As Much Water As You Can

With such a variety of things so readily accessible to us these days, it can be easy to overlook the simple things in life. Water is something many of us take to granted, and also something many of us don’t have enough of. My mum lives by the rule that you should drink as much water as you can, as often as you can and luckily, I’ve finally started listening to her. It helps clear both my head and my skin, and keeps me feeling hydrated and awake the whole day. It’s scientifically proven to help with breakouts, firmness and ageing.

ALWAYS Remove Your Makeup Properly

When I was young and foolish (well, super young and foolish) I used to go to bed without properly removing my makeup. I did it partly because I was lazy and partly because I wanted to look good all the time. Totally ridiculous I know, but I also know most of us have done it at least once. These days, I cannot stand the feel of old makeup on my face. Not only does it cause blocked pores, it can also dry your skin out and irritate it causing horrible blemishes. Your skin needs to repair and breathe overnight, so it’s vital you give it the space and time it needs to do so. Personally, I think Simple products are perfect for this job and are really gentle for any skin kind.

Don’t Switch Products Too Often 

Switching products too often can really confuse your skin. Your skin naturally balances out its oils, but when you fiddle around with it too much it’s only likely to alter and change the way your skin reacts. The best products for your skin are those with the least ingredients in. Once you find a product that works really well for you, use it as your go-to product and use it in-between switch-ups to make sure your skin isn’t all that shocked by new ingredients.

Keep Sudocrem and Vaseline Within Reach

What works for me, may not be ideal for you – always keep that in mind. However, sudocrem works real magic in my eyes. It’s suitable for babies, children and adults and is an antiseptic healing cream. It can be used to soothe sore irritable skin, eczema, surface wounds, sunburn and more. I put it over red spots, blemishes and pretty much anything of that kind. Vaseline is another wonder worker – something I always try to carry with me. Not only can you use it to treat sore lips, you can also use it to set your eye brows, create creamy eyeshadows and even keep hair dye from staining your face.


Unlike Victoria Beckham, I think a woman with a smile is the absolute definition of beauty. There’s nothing quite like it – it brings out all the best features and even has the ability to tell a story!

What rules do you live by? Use the comments section below to let me know! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Beauty Rules I Live By

  1. I love this post, each point is so true. My main problem is drinking enough water, i’m truly useless! I’ve found that if I bottle up water into the fridge i’m more likely to drink it with it being cold! As for removing my make-up, I always used to be super lazy when I was younger too! xx

  2. Excellent advice! When I was younger I never drank water and now I push myself to drink as much as I can. Like you mentioned, you definitely notice the difference in how you feel and look when you are properly hydrated.

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