Should No Makeup Snaps Make Headlines?

Sometimes, I’m a contradiction to Make Me Up Marie – and myself of course. I write plenty about makeup and yet I feel strongly that women should feel good in their own, natural skin.

I’m saddened by the fact that women with no makeup on still make it to the headlines in almost every online newspaper and magazine out there. This is what my Google search looked like first thing this morning when I was researching topics to write about:

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Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 13.28.43

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 13.28.59Upon reading these down-right boring articles, I came to the realisation that how I felt is a topic in itself, one that I’m sure many other people feel strongly about too. The simple fact that young ladies wearing no makeup is still being used as ‘news’, whether it is for good or bad, is appalling to me.

When you consider that girls as young as 10, if not younger, will not only have access to these headlines but will also be able to read and fully understand them, it leaves you wondering how much damage labelling someones natural face as ‘news’ (especially bad news) really is. Women shouldn’t be judged this way, full stop. It’s great to compliment someone, even a celebrity, on their beautiful bare face but does it really count as news?


‘Dare to bare’ is a common headline used in glossy magazines that frustrates me. Not only does it make us nervous to bare it all ourselves (after all, if they think Jennifer Lopez looks bad what will people think about me?) it also insinuates that it is dangerous for people to be their real selves. If makeup wasn’t ever invented, would it really be daring to simply show your own face? I doubt it.

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Even the article titled ‘Karen Gillan radiates natural beauty as she goes makeup free’ goes on to open with ‘the 27 year old was almost unrecognisable’. These aren’t good messages to send out simply because they highlight the differences between wearing makeup and not wearing it in a way that suggests women who don’t wear it are likely to be unattractive and if they’re not… well, that’s so much of a shock it makes newspaper headlines!

When I’m without makeup, my confidence goes right down. I wouldn’t go anywhere without it, unless I’m on holiday on the beach or in the gym. How many women do you think feel the same way?

A few years back, in 2011 to be precise, Superdrug carried out a study. The study revealed some shocking facts, one of which was that one in ten women wouldn’t consider going to work without makeup – and almost half of all women said they prefer wearing cosmetics than facing the world bare-faced.

Knowing my readership as I do, I’ll jump to the conclusion that most of us fall into this category and although this study isn’t exactly a recent one, I can only predict that these stats are rising. It is for this very reason that I DO post pictures of myself wearing no makeup. I want people to see the real me, and I also want them to feel OK, even happy, to flaunt their natural selves off too.

Makeup is a way of expressing our personalities and enhancing our natural features, it shouldn’t be as important or equivalent to wearing shoes when you go outside. Sure it can do all kinds of magical things but it upsets me that most of us feel naked without it.

Here’s what I want to know – what would it take to make you feel comfortable without it? For me, it would take everyone to be doing the same, for newspapers to stop making no makeup snaps shock stories and for reactions to these pictures to also change. Oh, and for me to meet a man like the one I have!


I want to hear from you! Have your say using the comments section below 🙂

14 thoughts on “Should No Makeup Snaps Make Headlines?

  1. Sadly, makeup-free isn’t just an issue with the media. It’s a problem with the people encountered as well. I have personally experienced going to shops where sales attendants were just a little bit warmer when I had a full face of makeup on as opposed to when I came in full errand mode. 🙁

    1. I’ve had exactly the same experience with everyday things like that in the past too, it really is such a shame! The question is, how on earth can we change it? PS. Thanks for commenting and I’m sure you look great without! ?

  2. Ugh, these stereotypes about women that the media perpetuates really wind me up. Makeup, to me, is something artistic. A tool for individuality, if you will. If you want to wear a lot then do so! If you want to wear a little then more power to ya. Should you hate the stuff and refrain from using it then good for you! Women are still women, with or without their war paint. Reducing us to our appearance jusf serves to dehumanise ohr existence in the eyes of men.

    Phew, rant over! Loved this post (as you can probably tell).

    Carys x

  3. I loved this post and totally agree with what you have written about!! I find it more insulting when the media posts a makeup free photo next to a ‘night at the oscars dolled up to the nines’ photo of a celeb and then goes on to pull them apart and preach the ‘things makeup can do for a woman’ insinuating that they are ugly without! Its definitely not a good message for you girls. I personally wear the stuff because i love it! I love enhancing natural features and experimenting with new makeup! Too much pressure is put on women nowadays to look perfect due to an unrealistic idea given to people about ‘perfection’ – the majority of models are photoshopped anyway! The media are just shallow! So yeah, really really loved this post! Good job!

    Beth x

    1. I’m so pleased to hear this and to be honest, I’m a bit taken back by the response I’ve had – it just goes to show that even those wearing and blogging about makeup feel the pressures from all angles! Thanks so much for reading and commenting, please do come back again 🙂 xoxo

  4. I love this article! Thank you. It’s so normalized in the media to make a big deal out of women not wearing makeup that friends and fellow students are always asking me if I am feeling okay when I dont… like my Natural face is sickly or I must be having a mental breakdown just because I don’t want to get up early enough to do it every once in a while. I have been making it a point lately to go without it because of my objection to it being seen as a ‘necessity’ but because of reactions I’ve gotten in the past and the idea that I look ‘tired’ or ‘ill’ without it I never feel quite as confident without at least foundation,cream blush, and a touch of mascara. To answer your question at the end of the article, I’d probably be more ok with it if my skin looked brighter, healthier, less oily, and less broken out… but my complex about That is no doubt also a result of it being normalized to see women with airbrushed skin nearly 24/7 ..

    1. I know – I’ve been through the exact same thing! The thought of looking ill or tired without it puts me off showing my natural face and in the past it even made me go as far as to hate it. It’s a real shame, but hopefully there will be a movement in the media soon – page 3 seems to have been dropped so at least there’s hope!!! Thanks for visiting & commenting 🙂

  5. Every time I try to find any news about makeup, I always see an ad saying “you will never guess how *insert celebrity name here* looks without makeup!” The media puts so much pressure on people to try to look perfect. When in reality, no one is perfect. Not even the celebrities. I also see a lot of memes on Facebook with before and after pictures of beauty gurus from Youtube, with text saying “This is why I do not trust girls.” Which is implying that these beautiful women are not as pretty without makeup. But if you are doing something wrong with your makeup (i.e. foundation color is a bit off, eyeshadow isn’t blended properly, lipstick is too bold, you wear your eyeliner differently, putting too much makeup on) you are criticized for that too. We are all human, we all make mistakes and have imperfections.

    To answer your question, I would be comfortable to go out with no makeup if people accepted that other people have imperfections. I have what I call Tomato Face Syndrome. Basically if I exercise or just get a tiny bit nervous my face gets really red. And people like to point it out and kinda chuckle. I can’t really do anything to prevent it, so I just wear a full coverage foundation to try to cover it up if it does happen. It’s silly that I am not confident about that sort of thing, but that’s the main thing I try to cover up. Thank you for sharing your opinion about this! I thought I was the only one that thought it was crazy.
    xx Alicia

    1. Ah, Alicia that sounds similar to one of the reasons why I wear makeup. I hardly ever get spots, but I get strange (red) blemishes and I feel totally embarrassed by not having a flawless complexion all the time. As sad as it is, it is at least comforting to read that other people feel the same, so thank you so much for taking the time to comment and I wish you the best 🙂 xo

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