I ♥ Definition | Makeup Revolution LDN, Series 6


IT’S THE LAST OF THIS SERIES! I so hope you’ve enjoyed the read, but if you haven’t don’t worry – I’ve got some normal posts lined up for the following weeks to come.

For now thought, let me tell you about I ♥ Definition from the I ♥ Makeup Collection by Makeup Revolution. Created for contouring, this compact palette has three baked powders consisting of a highlighter, blush and contouring shade. Currently, they only do a medium and fair (I went for fair).


Buy it here.

To put it simply, this product is on par, if not better, than my favourite Seek Face Form. And it’s cheaper. I don’t really need much else in a contouring palette. It is safe to now say I use it everyday and I’d miss it if it was gone (that’s aimed at YOU LYDIA ABBOTT).

Anyway, you should really give this a go I’ve you’ve never used anything like this before – it’s perfect for beginners and the results aren’t too harsh, although you can sculpt as much as you like due to its beautiful buildable abilities.

Here’s me wearing it:


Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

PS. Thanks again to those who have followed my first ever series – it’s been great sharing my experiences/thoughts on these products with you! 🙂

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