Ultra Cover & Conceal Palette | Makeup Revolution LDN, Series 1


Heard of contouring? It’s like the most raved about thing right now and I’ve seen some truly amazing transformations using this technique. You may remember the post I wrote about not so long ago – I tried out my first ever contouring palette in powder form. Read about it here: A Sleek Makeup Review | Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette

I love contouring with powder. I find it easy and you don’t really have to change your makeup routine much which is handy. Nevertheless, most of the dramatic transformations are done using liquid and concealer palettes, so I thought I’d try my hand at a low-cost product to start out with. I love budget beauty alternatives and Makeup Revolution is so affordable it’s almost unbelievable!

For Christmas, my hubby treated me to a HUGE haul from Makeup Revolution so this week I’m going to be reviewing and posting my thoughts on each of the products. Of course I was hesitant to buy a big bulk of products from this brand because the prices are so cheap, but I was pleasantly surprised.


First up is the Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette in Light. It costs a mere £6, which made me think it wouldn’t cover very well. I was wrong. It’s a really lovely texture – personally, I’d like it to be a little thicker but I do like really high coverage so it’s not exactly slacking in that area at all.

When it comes to its contouring benefits, the lightest shade works a real treat at highlighting your temples, forehead and under eyes. You can blend them together to find your ideal colours, which is really handy for those of you that struggle to find a good colour match. For contouring, I would have preferred a bit of a darker shade, so maybe next time I’ll try out the medium.

I’ve been using this product for just over 2 weeks and I’ve barely used any of the concealer in each flat pot, so I’m pretty confident this will last me a good few months! Its blending ability is on-point – I’ve not struggled with harsh lines or off-colour smudges.

Overall, this budget beauty palette is a real smart, compact and useful product to have in your collection. It covers well, blends well and matches well. What more do you want?

Here’s the results:



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