KIKO COSMETICS | My New Holy Grail?

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I have been anticipating publishing this post for such a long time now! I heard about KIKO Cosmetics from a few different resources a while ago. I kept seeing it mentioned on Instagram, blogs, YouTube and I even had a few friends recommending it too. Because it’s so cheap, I was hesitant to purchase something at first. I’ve never seen this brand in any highstreet store before, so I decided I’d have to order it online, which is annoying really because I do prefer to test things out and match my colours up perfectly in the shop. Anyway, when I went on the website ( I went through each category and carefully added everything I liked the look of to my basket. Obviously, I liked way too many products so had to remove some before checkout. Here’s what I ended up with:


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I ordered this colour correction powder simply because I was curious to see how much of a difference all the colours would make to my skin. At first, I did think that I should use the colours separately, in different areas of the face but it quickly became apparent that this powder is to be mixed together, creating a glowly, skin-colour, light-balancing sheer powder. I really like the way this powder works – rather than just having good colour pigmentation, the product actually seems to have some science behind it. It claims to visually minimise redness and skin dyschromias and as far as I can tell, it does! It sets my foundation flawlessly, especially my cheeks. However, when I put too much of this powder on my nose it looks a bit too powdery, so that’s something to look out for if you’re going to try it for yourself.


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BIG lips are in. FACT. If I was silly, I’d get botox or lip fillers but sadly I don’t like needles or anything of the sort – I also wouldn’t want to turn out looking like a duck. With that off the cards, I’m always searching for lip-plumping products. When I saw the 3D instant volume lipgloss on KIKO’s website, I didn’t even think twice before adding it to my basket – and I certainly couldn’t force myself to remove it! It was the first product of this batch that I opened, and the first that I fell in love with. Usually I don’t like sticky lipgloss, but this one is so thick and shiny I really do not mind. Although it doesn’t dramatically change the shape of my lips, I will give it credit for a fair amount of plumping!


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KIKO’s Magnificent Highlighter ‘Stylo Enlumineur’ was actually on special offer a few weeks ago when I ordered online, so I thought it would be rude not to add that to the basket too. After all, I haven’t yet got a favourite highlighter. Because I like my makeup to be matte, I was a bit lost with what to do with this highlighter. Usually I go for powder-based, so I just apply it to the areas I want using a beauty brush. I tried it out on my hand first – the colour was beautiful and shimmery. The consistency wasn’t that thick, which should’ve made it easier to blend. Anyway, after setting my foundation with powder (which is probably what I did wrong) I applied the highlighter to my cupid brow, my chin and my inner cheeks. Before rubbing it in, I was feeling really positive about this product, but when I started blending with my fingers my foundation began rubbing off and everything started to smear into a big foundationy, shimmery mess. Maybe you girls can help me figure it out? I personally think I need to try applying it before I set my foundation.


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Before ordering this product, I wanted to give it a quick search on YouTube as I’ve had a problem with pencils not providing enough colour in the past. The Perfect Eyes Duo highlighter pencil seemed to have enough good reviews for me to get excited about it. The before and after results I’d seen looked aaamazing and the colours looked strong and vivid, even on video. When I opened it up for myself and tested it on my hand, I remainedย excited. The colours really were vidid. One side has a slight warm-gold shimmer to it and the other is a bright matte, cream colour. With my full face already on, I applied the matte side to my cupid brow, following my brow line. At first glance it looked amazing, but when I looked closer the line was really strong and it looked silly and a little too fake. I tried to blend it, but I think the product was a little too dry. Turning to my other eye, I applied the shimmery side to my cupid brow. This side was much better to blend!!! Truthfully, I will still use the other side and I’ll continue to find a better way to blend it because it is such a nice colour. Also, it works great on my inner eye, so none of it will go to waste! Slightly disappointed though…


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Velvet Mat Lipstick – the title itself includes like all 3 of my favourite words so that alone was enough to tempt me. The images on the website make the lipsticks look suchย high-quality, so I was really interested to find out what they are like up-close. In short, I’m impressed. I just adore the packaging and the way the lid clicks off. It does feel like a top-tier lipstick, and it has good staying ability too. The colour is vibrant and has a real depth to it. I CANNOT wait to try out all of the different shades they’ve got!

Overall, KIKO MILANO has pretty much answered my prays. I wanted to find a cheap makeup brand that I had never tried before, and I have. I also wanted to find a GOOD makeup brand, and that it is! FABULOUS DARLING (not me, the products) is about the only thing I have left to say….

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22 thoughts on “KIKO COSMETICS | My New Holy Grail?

  1. Wow, you got some lovely bits! I was in the Kiko store in Berlin today and had to try my absolute hardest not to buy EVERYTHING! They had just set up the new limited edition in the store too, ahhh I’ll be broke! x

  2. Nice posts, thanks a lot for all these reviews, you got me convinced now. However I a pretty sure I saw a huge shop on Regent Street when I last went shopping (by Oxford circus) please check as it looked pretty cool with lots of samples to test!!! MERCI Marie :))

      1. Usually I’m not really into glosses, but you say that the 3d one really plumps your lips, so I’l probably try that one! I’ve also read good things about their mascaras and face masks ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Ohhh I haven’t tried a face mask for a while that would be lovely! No I’m not usually a fan either, I don’t like them being so sticky but I just fell in love with the way they make your lips look! ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. I read an awesome review about their Anti-Age mask, even though we’re still young, it says it’s good if you have dry or dehydrated skin. I totally agree with you, they’re sticky and uncomfortable, but the way they make your lips look is amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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