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I think I speak for many when I say that whenever I go shopping WITH money, I find nothing, but when I go shopping WITHOUT money (or shall I call it window shopping?), I find millions of things I would die to become the owner of! Recently I arranged to go shopping with my best friend Kate. Now bearing in mind that I’ve been on a v.minimal fashion/beauty budget for some time now, this has been a long time coming and during the torturous wait, I came up with a long list of clothes I ‘need’ to complete my wardrobe. As you can probably already guess, things didn’t work out quite as well as I had planned. I wanted to find comfortable long sleeve tops, cute cardigans and wool skirts for the winter, but I was so disappointed with the shops. They do say that the highstreet has been dying for some time now, but this was the first time I truly noticed a significant difference between the online stores and the actual shops. Anyway, with hope almost lost I tried one last option – T K Maxx. Usually the Central London stores are way better than the ones you’ll find in the South East, but on days like this one it’s always worth a look.

Much to my surprise, T K Maxx was pretty much the only store doing it for me that day. I found plenty of knocked-off designer products, including this Bellapierre makeup set. Until a few weeks back (read about it here) I had no clue that this brand even existed, but after using just one product religiously I can already call myself a fan. Usually, just one tiny little pot of these powders costs me £12.99, plus postage and packaging, but this beauty bag cost a mere £14.99! Considering how much of a saving this would be for me, I decided I wouldn’t (couldn’t) walk away from such an amazing deal.

The Bag Includes: Loose Powder Blush > Loose Powder Highlighter > Mini Blush Brush >Volumizing Mascara > Super Gloss in Clementine Citrus.



At first glance, I thought the light-coloured powder was exactly the same as the Oasis Dew one I purchased a while ago. However, when I tested it out on my hand I realised that the texture was different and its shimmer properties were more subtle. The pigmentation was the same – very strong and vivid. When I looked on the back of the container I saw that it was labeled a highlighter, but honestly I think it works better as a kind of mineral-like concealer. In my personal opinion, I like to get more of a shimmer from my highlighter, or otherwise I like it to be in a liquid form and set by translucent powder.

The blush powder is a much more useful colour for me, but annoyingly it doesn’t have a name or a number anywhere! It’s subtle yet buildable, is something which I love because it makes it much more versatile. You can even use it as a shadow, or add water to turn into into liquid-form.

The mini blusher brush is one of the best of its kind. I’m pretty sure it’s made from horse hair, but I can’t be certain. The information provided in the goodie bag isn’t exactly great, but I guess the products make-up for that!



You all know how fussy I am with mascaras, so I wasn’t expecting to be discovering my new holy grail here, but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so transferable. To be honest, I made a right mess with this mascara – it’s a bit too wet for my liking. On the upside though, I do like the brush it has and the way it lengthens the lashes. I also like how bold the black is. Overall I think this product OK for the top lashes, but I wouldn’t like to recommend it for lower lashes at all.



To conclude in four words – I love this product.

Not only is the colour gorgeous and perfect to match up with my Barry M Lip Paint, colour 54, it is glossy rather than sticky and has a beautiful gold shimmer to it. Super gloss… it most certainly is!

Have you tried Bellapierre Cosmetics before? I’d love to hear what products you love and which ones you don’t – so please do let me know using the comments section below 🙂

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  1. Great post! I tried some of their foundation and I loved the texture and it gave a flawless look, but the salesperson gave me totally the wrong colour that made me look orange in the light…so unfortunately I’ve been put off. Might be time to give it another try though 🙂

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