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Lovely ladies! May I start by saying I am so happy to have received so much support on my blog recently. Although I’m a copywriter, I never thought that people would actually want to read what is basically just an extension of my personal diary, so receiving numerous nominations for different blog awards, having people contact me to say I’ve inspired them and simply getting likes from other bloggers on WordPress really does feel like a huge achievement. For the future, I’ve got so many ideas in store for both my blog and my business, so every little inch of support you guys give me spurs me on and gives me the confidence to continue doing what I love and (hopefully) making a success of it.

As I mentioned above, I have recently been nominated for some blog awards. Now because I’ve already been voted for both of these  awards before, I’ve already posted something really similar and because I love my readers so much I wasn’t sure if you’d be interested in hearing some different Q&A’s. After much consideration, I think the questions put to me many make a pretty interesting blog post – that’s if you’re interested in anything fashion, makeup, pink, lifestyle or… about me!? Anyway, I hope you do enjoy this post! To find out who I voted for both of these awards, see my old posts here and here.


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Voted by: 

Joanna, Airel & Cassie from ThriftingandBitching

Amy from TheMakeupCase

A BIG thank you to all of you girls who nominated me! Here’s 7 (more) facts about me: 

1. I am never content – I ALWAYS think about the next thing I can buy. Confessions of a shopaholic right here.

2. I’m also like that with my face. I keep finding things I could do better, or things I could change or different makeup I could use.

3. Sam and I just bought a Jaguar!!!!!!!!!!

4. Sometimes (just sometimes) I regret keeping my bunny rabbit (Lady Madison) indoors. House bunnies are pretty messy…

5. I spent Halloween night sorting out my makeup collection. I know – I should get a life!

4. I haven’t done ANY exercise in like… months…

5. Even if I’m starving, I only eat food I fancy at the time. How strange is that!?

6. I never drink a full cup of tea. Get used to it.

7. I currently have 1234 pictures on Instagram. I think I may need a new account soon… #OBSESSED


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Voted by: 

TheFrenchPineapple – PS. I love you’re blog, thank you for the nomination and providing posts in English too!!!

Here’s the Q&A: 

1. What is your favourite food?

Tricky question because I am quite a foodie! I tend to like traditional British dishes most so it would have to be either a full on English breakfast with all the trimmings or a typical roast dinner with yorkshire puds! YUM. 

2. What is your favourite sport?

The fact that I currently do nothing doesn’t really help answer this questions does it? I used to be a sprinter back at school, I did Karate for over 7 years and I sometimes attend the yoga classes my mum teaches. In terms of watching sport, I like boxing the most. In terms of actually doing sport, I like to do something fast – maybe I should try spin classes! 

3. Tea or Coffee?

If you would have asked me this 4 months ago, I would have said tea without any consideration. However, in recent months I’ve become a huge fan of coffee – particularly lattes. Final answer: Coffee! 

4. What is your most used handbag?

MOST USED HANDBAG?! Pretty much all of my handbags are super well loved and used – so much so that I am planning of buying a new one tomorrow! I hate the way bags misshape, even leather ones, so these days I use a bag until it misshapes and then I ditch it, lend it out or give it to charity. 

5. What is your favourite makeup brand?

Always a difficult one. It used to be Maybelline, but I’ve actually gone off its foundation recently so I’m not totally confident in it at the moment. I think MAC is a good all-rounder – all their products are consistently good which is ultimately what a girl wants and needs. 

6. Who is your favourite YouTuber?

You know what, Zoella is probably a first choice for many and I hate to follow the crowd, but I do really like her stuff. In fact, she’s a little bit of an idol to me! 

7. How often do you paint your nails?

I don’t! I actually get acrylic nails put on 2-3 times a month. 

8. Straight hair or curly?

Most of the time, curly does have more wow-factor! 

9. What do you love most about blogging?

I love the fact that it is so natural compared to the other types and styles of writing I do. I love that I don’t work to a brief, and that I can just write exactly what I’m thinking without having to worry about guidelines etc. I love how rewarding it is each and every time I receive a like or follow. I love waking up in the mornings to a little message from WordPress telling me my ‘Your Stats are Booming!’. I like the way I can connect with people from all over the world with the same interests. I like hearing other tips from bloggers and hearing what they think about a certain topic. I find it so hard to believe that I ‘inspire’ people, but I’ve had so many heartwarming messages from girls telling me how they’ve just uploaded their first no makeup selfie because of the confidence I gave them! Nothing can beat the feeling of being part of something bigger – being part of an online community, with likeminded people. 

10. And last but not least, what is your favourite song?

I couldn’t possibly pick, but I will tell you that I’m loving London Grammar at the moment! 

This post is just full of thank you’s! Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for all of your support and thank you to all of the wonderful bloggers who nominated me. Lots of love, until next time xoxo

PS. I ALSO MADE IT INTO HUSN POPPERS WITH MY “The Impact Society & The Media Have On Women & Girls Today” POST! WOOOOHOOO 😀

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13 thoughts on “Blogs Awards & Nominations | A Personal Thank You

  1. I’m always interested in what you are going to say, when you blog pops up I always think ‘oh, Mary, wonder what’s she’s blogging about today?’. Like ‘Maccy D’s, but ‘Diddy M’ I’m lovin it!!!! Xxx

  2. The blogs are getting fuller, and your confidence in what you have to say shows through. All the very best for your future, well deserved. x

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