Jessica Custom Nail Colour | Sunday Pamper Day Review

Hey kittens!

Hope you’re all having a nice Sunday evening. I’ve had such a lovely day pampering myself at home reading Miss Vogue and eating curly fries. What have you guys been up to?

We all know what a pamper day involves (mainly nothing) but in today’s post I’m going to review a Jessica nails kit that I used during todays session (I actually did do something). Any of you that haven’t tried a Jessica nail polish before you better keep reading as you’ll want to hear this!


This super cute custom nail kit was a present from my hubby and to be honest, I think he got it spot on. This nail kit doesn’t only look the part as a gift, it also features 3 really amazing nail polishes. The reason I call them 3 really amazing nail polishes is because they are literally the best nail products I have ever used. I get my nails done in the salon a lot simply because I find most nail polishes awful to apply and they always ending up chipping within a day or so.


I would’ve never paid a hefty price tag for a nail polish before, but this kit makes me really think it is worth it. I love these colours so much that I even ask my local salon to use this instead of their collection of OPI. I’ve never had any problems with OPI at all, but when my salon applied this rather than the OPI, not only did I notice it took hardly as long to dry, they also lasted a LOT longer. I have acrylics on most of the time so usually my polish lasts 2-3 weeks, but with Jessica I’ve found myself leaving them on for about 4 weeks!

I’d love to tell you more about the colours, but there’s no name on the bottle or the box!!! I guess that’s why they are called ‘custom nail colours’. Anyway, what I can tell you is the middle one (the gold/orange/red/shimmer) is my favourite. The colour is different to any I’ve seen before and in different lights it changes colour. It’s so warm and glowy, yet it stands out just as much as a florescent shade. The deep red colour is a block colour which I love to match up with my red lippy and the dark navy blue is the ultimate everyday colour (I’ve currently got it on my hands and toes).



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