When The Going Gets Tough… Go To A Spa!

It was heartwarming to have so much support from friends, family and bloggers as a result of my last post  My Struggle With Day-To-Day Anxiety and I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for their kind words.

On a brighter note this week, I’m feeling SO much better. It wasn’t easy to do, but I have beaten anxiety again and I know that anyone else out there struggling can do the same too. It takes a lot of mind control, self discipline and a positive outlook, but if you have these three things teamed with a great support network things are sure to get easier.

My anxiety is stress related, and sometimes because I work from home I can’t take myself away from the stress. When you have a 9-5 job you (try) to leave work at the door and continue the night with the day left behind you. I find it difficult to do this, and I’m sure plenty of you do too.

Last week, when I was at my worst, Sam started looking online at spa breaks. He wasn’t planning on booking anything, he just wanted to see what prices were like for a few weeks time. We both really needed to get away, even if it was just for the night. It wasn’t just me who was struggling, Sam was too. He’d been up early every morning with me being sick and most nights I had hunger pains that stopped us both from sleeping. I’d completely lost my appetite. Sam had severe stress related neck and back pains and was practically running the business for me.

I was looking over his shoulder when we both spotted a super-cheap deal on Secret Escapes. The offer was £90 for an overnight stay for two, breakfast for two, use of all spa facilities and a chair massage for two! We scrolled through the pictures, read the reviews and looked at each other with a smile on both of our faces for the first time in a few days! We booked it for the next day.

We planned to leave early the next morning as the place was in Birmingham, but I was so ill that we didn’t end up leaving until 11am. The drive down there was dreadful – the traffic was horrendous and I still felt unwell.

When we finally got there our moods instantly changed. It was peaceful, tranquil and spacious. Our room was gorgeous and the air con was super refreshing. I took my makeup off straight away (which is something I NEVER do) and we went for a walk to clear our heads.

A warm welcome…
…And an even better one from this little man!
Gluten-Free Made To Order... AMAZING!
Gluten-Free Made To Order… AMAZING!
Pretty sure this mocktail played a big part in nursing me back to good health.
Pretty sure this mocktail played a big part in nursing me back to good health.
And so did this wonderful man.
And so did this wonderful man.
Who totally deserved this!!!
Who totally deserved this!!!
Even though I lost my appetite... I'm still a major foodie, so don't you forget it!
Even though I lost my appetite… I’m still a major foodie, so don’t you forget it!
And last but not least, (I can't believe I'm doing this) this is me without makeup!
And last but not least, (I can’t believe I’m doing this) this is me without makeup!

After enjoying all that it had to offer, we left the spa feeling on top of the world. I hadn’t had a panic attack the entire time, the chef cooked gluten free meals for me and my appetite was beginning to return!! To top it all off, we also received an email from an editor who had a huge project for us to work on the following week!!!!!!!

Things swing in roundabouts you see, so when you hit rock bottom you can rest assured that the only way is up and one day that’s where you will be.

4 thoughts on “When The Going Gets Tough… Go To A Spa!

  1. Happy Birthday Mary may this be a changing point for you. You look beautiful wothout the make up. Good that some work has come in, try just to ‘be’. Remember whatever situation we are in, good or bad, the old saying ‘this too will pass’, and it will. Love you lots. xx.

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