Acrylics VS Gels

A few posts back I mentioned that I had taken my acrylic nails off and opted for the ‘healthier’ option, gel nails. I said that I would report back at a later date as I had only had the gels on for a short period of time, so here I am ready to give my verdict. Eeeek!


So, let’s get straight to the point. Gel nails are crap (in my opinion). Yes they may be better for your nails in the long run, but they are sooo expensive and nowhere near as durable and long-lasting as acrylics. To help you make up your own mind, consider this – I paid a £10 deposit to book the appointment, then £35 to have the gel painted on and then I even had to pay £10 to have them removed. Before I left the salon the beautician warned me NOT to peel the gel of if it starts coming away at the edges (which clearly isn’t a good sign anyway) as it will damage the nail (besides this gels are apparently harmless to the nail).

For the first 4 days I was super happy with the results. However, towards the end of the first week I began to notice the gel lifting slightly around the edges. I remembered what the beautician said about not peeling the gel off so I decided to leave them alone and hope for the best.

The next day I was doing the washing up and some other bits and bobs around the house and I realised that the gel was peeling off itself simply down to wear and tear. Now, I understand that they won’t last long if you don’t look after them but simply doing some washing up and hanging some clothes up shouldn’t cause this to happen.

I decided not to make the same mistake again, so I went back to my old salon and asked them to remove the gels and put acrylics back on. The first thing to note is that I didn’t have to pay 1 penny to have them removed. The second thing to note is that they only cost £25 to be put on, and they even gave me a £5 gift voucher (probably to make sure I’m not disloyal again)!

Not only do my acrylics look slightly better than gels, they last me 2-3 weeks, sometimes even 4 and to top it all off they only charge £13 for infills!!!

Now, I may have just had a bad experience… so if you feel I need correcting then please share your own experiences using the comments section below. Restore my faith in gels, because right now I don’t have any at all 🙁

13 thoughts on “Acrylics VS Gels

  1. Hey, I have tried both acrylics and gel (I bite my nails so I have acrylics on so I won’t bite my nails and then when they have grown a bit I get gel on). It actually costs me about £10 less to get gels than acrylics where I get mine done and they tend to last a lot longer, so I think maybe you just had a bad experience? Xxx

      1. Ok, that makes sense why they’re coming off so early. The polish isn’t anywhere as durable or long lasting as acrylics and tends to peel up at the free edge quickly if not capped well. The hard gel is much more comparable to acrylics and usually won’t come off unless you file them. But the main source of damage to your natural nail however, is usually done in preparation, filling, and application errors. Acrylics applied and removed correctly shouldn’t harm you any worse than gel when it comes to your natural nail 🙂

        1. That’s so helpful! This is why I love blogging haha. I’ll definitely try out hard gel now that you’ve said that and it’s great to know that acrylics won’t necessarily damage my real nails. Thanks Amy 🙂

  2. Just grow your own nails! I think all fakes look like crap (sorry!!) Just be patient for a month and file everyday just one time, to open them, they will grow super fast! I bit my nails untill i was 23 and now (24) i have beautifull natural nails for 1 year, i get compliments about them all day from women who can t believe they’re my own! Love your blog btw!

    1. Thanks for commenting! Yeah I probably should let my own nails grow again, I only started wearing them when I was waitressing and had to have a proper manicure so it has become a bit of an expensive habit!

      Glad you like my blog. Please do come back again 🙂

      1. No problem! I haven’t had a single manicure in my life though :p isn t it something you can do yourself? I just file everyday and either give them a strong making and healthy looking polish glaze or a nice color :$ haha goodluck with growing them! You can do it! :p

        1. It is but because my natural nails were so yellow from bright colours I decided to get fake ones put on and 3 years later I’m still addicted! I think it’s partly because I love someone else painting and doing my nails! The nail shops do an amazing job and the polish lasts 3 weeks! x

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