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Hi, I’m Marie.


Well actually, I’m not. My real name is Mary but that all changed when I reached secondary school. Changing your name seems like a pretty big thing, but when you’re 12 you don’t really consider that it will last a lifetime just because you’ve told a few people to start calling you Marie. I still remember the day I decided to do it – I was printing my name on some new school books and hated the way the ‘Y’ just hung on its own with nothing to connect it to. I know, it sounds pretty crazy (I’ve always had OCD tendencies). So, I started testing out different ways of spelling a similar name and as soon as I wrote ‘Marie’ I fell in love with the name and adopted it.

It’s been with me ever since. Pretty much all of the teachers at school started to call me it, even my mum began using it without noticing. My dad however was not impressed. In fact, my dad is often unimpressed with me changing things about myself. He hates me dying my hair, hates me wearing makeup, hates me considering plastic surgery and pretty much hates anything unnatural about me.

My obsession with fashion and makeup started way before I reached secondary school, though. I was a typical girl who loved her Barbie’s and her Girls’ World more than life itself. Lots of people look at me now and assume I’ve been a dinky little princess all of my life, but that’s where people are totally wrong (yet I smile knowingly at them and let them think it anyway). I’ve actually been through some more gothic and dark fashion phases too – nothing too over the top, but there was undoubtedly a hint of Goth in there at one stage. This fashion phase was actually in line with a dark phase in my life too, so maybe that had something to do with it.

I’ve started this blog for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is because I believe that every outfit tells its own story, whether it’s interesting or not. Each fashion phase of mine has reflected something in my life, sometimes without me even knowing until years later. Telling these stories means that 1. I will always have something to write about and 2. I may just inspire others to embrace fashion in whichever way suits them, not just what the press reckons is ‘hot this season’.

So what do you do, I hear you ask…

I’m not claiming to be a fashion guru, a makeup artist or any note-worthy fashionista. I’m simply using this platform to create a personal journal that can be read by others, as I’ve found in life simply engaging with likeminded people can make you feel a hell of a lot better. I have no idea what this site might turn out to be in the future, but I do hope you will come along for the ride!

At the moment, I’m a content writer working within an Advertising Agency, but my next life ambition is to become a copywriter. I always knew I wanted to be a writer, I just never knew what type of writer I wanted to be. I would always keep journals as a kid, write lyrics and sometimes poems, but I never had any urge to write a fictional story. Everything I ever wanted to write about was interlinked with life experiences of my own, and I always had difficulty reading fantasy books or anything that was unbelievable or unrealistic.

When I was around 15 years old I went to work with my dad (who is a creative director) for work experience. My school was pretty poor at getting placements and I looked up to my dad so much I couldn’t have thought of anything better at the time. The placement lasted one week and each day I spent some time in a different department shadowing, making tea and being an extra pair of hands. On my last day I was put with a team of two copywriters who were working on a radio script for The Perfume Shop.

The writers gave me a brief and sent me away to work on some ideas, probably not expecting much back from me at the end of the day. When I returned to them with my work they were not only excited, but also surprised. The work went on to be broadcast on a number of popular radio stations, giving me all the inspiration I needed to pursue my new-found dream to become a writer. I left school at 16 to attend college and luckily had enough GCSE passes to jump straight onto a Level 3 course to study media. After two messy years, I walked away with an extended national diploma in media print and production.

During my time at college I had a part time job as a barmaid at a local Golf Club and I met my boyfriend, Sam a couple of months into my first year (we’ve since moved in together). Desperate to get my foot on the career ladder I signed up for an apprenticeship scheme at my local recruitment agency and landed a year-long contract as an apprentice content writer. A year later, they decided to take me on as permanent staff.

That’s pretty much the shortest outline of my life I could give, because like I said before I’m a bit OCD and I don’t like to leave things out. But hey, get used to it! Welcome to my blog.

8 thoughts on “Welcome To My Blog

  1. Well done Marie for producing such an interesting Blog. Says a lot about you but not in an egotistical way, just lets us know something about you. Written with sensitivity and zest for life.

  2. A great introduction to what promises to be an interesting blog.
    I totally love – and agree with – the idea of sense of fashion and style as a creative expression of the self… excited to watch your journey through your blog and the stories which you choose to share! ♥

  3. Marie, why has it taken so long for me to read this?! Absolutely brilliant, keep writing because I need to read more Xx

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